About Us
Lishow Fashion are the leading manufacturer & exporter of good quality products of 
Leather Fashion WearsVersity Jackets & Leather Accessories and all sorts of Leather Accessories needed in these fields and are exporting our products all over the world with a large number of satisfied and ever increasing customers.Lishow Fashion is renowned for its high quality sports goods. 

Customer Satisfaction is our first priority and motto.
Our core business activities are as manufacturer, importer, exporter and informative services provider that geared towards superior risk management and sophisticated hedging for businesses exposed to financial product market risk. As major regions in the global economy are growing at a robust pace and becoming more integrated with each other, the corporate sector also strives to become bigger.
As a service and manufacturing oriented company, we proudly claim that we have invested heavily in both technological and human resource to provide a solid foundation for conducting business and make sure that our customers get the maximum value for their inter action with us. The ability to integrate new businesses and products successfully into a wider strategic vision has been critical to our success Leading the product innovation and diversification, we understand our customers needs, which is evident in how we operate and in the level of products and customer services we provide. we have focused on providing our customers with the best in all aspects of supplying the sports equipment. Our history has shown quality for our customers will never be compromised in pursuit of quantity. Strong business traditions, professional values and experience of manufacturing and exporting has given us expertise to produce and supply quality products on competitive prices, best delivery times, integrated professional and friendly customer services upon which our customers rely on and have strong belief from all over the world.
We 100% assure our customers that our quality is unmatchable and we provide our customers with excellent quality at reasonable prices.. All latest and updated designs are available from us and customer’s suggestions and designs are also welcomed. Use of best quality material in our products is our pride.

We  firmly believes that innovation and  adoption of new technology  in the field of sports & fitness, personal protection & safety, , instrumental creativity, energy through alternative sources and health for all is required beyond language, regional, religious barriers and local customs for the well beings of all mankind.
 We also believe that our success base on your success, as we are in business to grow your business. Our three fundamental core principles are:
1. Value of Time
2. No compromise over quality
3. Customer Satisfactions


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About Us

Lishow Fashion are the leading manufacturer & exporter of good quality products of  Leather Garments, Versity Jackets & Leather Accessories.

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